Work Experience Student and Young Workers Safety Awareness

Many young workers are completing work experience and summer jobs. Employers will be undertaking risk assessments to ensure Young Workers are protected in the workplace. Monitoring young workers in the workplace is crucial to ensure their safety, well-being, and compliance with policies and regulations.

Young workers, often defined as individuals between the ages of 16 and 18, may have limited work experience and not fully understand workplace hazards. Here are some key considerations for monitoring young workers in the workplace: 

Adequate training and orientation: Provide comprehensive training and orientation programs specifically tailored to young workers. Cover workplace safety, emergency procedures, job-specific hazards, and their rights and responsibilities as employees. Using the iProtectU health and safety software young workers can complete IIRSM Approved eLearning in Manual Handling, Health and Safety Induction, Fire Safety as a starting point.  

Designated mentors or supervisors: Assign experienced mentors or supervisors to guide and support young workers. These mentors can ensure that young workers understand and follow safety protocols. Using the iProtectU health and safety software supervisors can complete a Young Person risk assessment.  

Age-appropriate tasks: Assign tasks that are appropriate for the age and experience level of young workers. Avoid tasks that are too complex or hazardous for them. 

Regular safety meetings: Conduct regular safety meetings that specifically address the concerns and questions of young workers. Encourage them to openly discuss any safety issues they encounter. 

Encourage reporting: Create an environment where young workers feel comfortable reporting safety concerns, incidents, or near-miss situations without fear of reprisal. Report and investigate any incidents and near miss on the iProtectU health and safety software. 

Close supervision: Provide close supervision and monitoring of young workers, especially during their initial period of employment. Gradually increase their independence as they gain experience and become competent. 

Compliance with legislation: Ensure that their employment complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours, breaks, and age-specific restrictions. Develop the legal register to cover legislation and standards on the using the iProtectU health and safety software. 

Monitor workload and stress: Be mindful of the workload assigned to young workers, as excessive stress and long working hours can negatively impact their physical and mental health. Assign the IIRSM Approved eLearning stress awareness with the iProtectU software for that Young Worker to complete. 

Workplace ergonomics: Pay attention to the ergonomics of the work environment, ensuring that young workers are using equipment and workstations designed for their size and comfort. 

Evaluate learning progress: Regularly assess the learning progress of young workers to identify areas where additional training or support may be required. 

Provide feedback and recognition: Offer constructive feedback and recognize the achievements of young workers to motivate and reinforce safe work practices. 

Involve parents or guardians: If legally required or appropriate, involve parents/guardians in the orientation process to ensure they are aware of the workplace environment and potential risks. 

Continuously improve safety practices: Regularly review and update safety procedures to address any specific challenges or risks faced by young workers. 

The goal is to provide young workers with a safe and supportive work environment that encourages their personal development while ensuring their physical and emotional well-being is maintained. By closely monitoring and supporting young workers, employers can help them grow into responsible and productive employees. 

IProtectU software enables the employer to: 

  • Schedule out IIRSM Approved eLearning to work experience students and young workers. 
  • Complete a young person risk assessment with a template in the iProtectU software 
  • Schedule out the risk assessment to the young person to read and acknowledge  
  • Record any near miss, incidents on the incident APP 
  • Record any hazards on the Hazard APP 


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