Legal Register Software

A legal register software details the legislation and legal requirements that an organisation must be compliant with, relevant to the organisation and its activities. The iProtectU register provides a library of pre-installed standards, regulations, and legislation appropriate to most business sectors.

Key Benefits

Our legal register software simplifies the process of legal compliance for your organization. Manage legal obligations on a centralized platform, stay up-to-date with the latest changes, and reduce the risk of penalties and legal issues. Customize the user-friendly interface to fit your specific business needs for peace of mind knowing that your company is compliant and protected.

Legal Resources

Links to external resources and information


Create and manage legal reports


Information in the library is routinely updated


Alerts, information and compliance reviews


Fully configurable with Microsoft 365 integrations

Key Features

3 step process is deployed to enable a legal register to be created and maintained with ease.

iProtectU Health and Safety Software Reviews

iProtectU EHS Software is trusted, proven and used on multiple international projects by our clients.
We are leaders in health and safety software and we are transforming workplace safety.

Here are their testimonials.

The iProtectU software has transformed the way we manage environmental, health and safety at Merlin Chemicals. The product is both engaging and very easy to use.

Mr Trevor Woods, Merlin Chemicals Transformational EHS software product

The auditor commented that the H&S software provides a clear and demonstrable framework of continual improvement. iProtectU health and safety software is used by our entire team and is changing our approach to business.

Mr Richard Smith, Facilities Management Limited ISO 45001:2018 achieved

iProtectU health and safety software has automated our processes and enabled our recent ISO successes. We achieved ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 with this simple and very intuitive package. It has enabled us to save time, engage our entire team and achieve results efficiently and effectively.

Mr John Morton, Vero Technologies Limited ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier achieved

iProtectU health and safety software has automated our processes and enhanced our safety culture as a result. The vast range of features and ability to bespoke the software to meet our exacting needs has been instrumental in implementing a full EHS Management System for the business. iProtectU is so much more than an EHS solution.

Mr Mike Allcock, Cornflake Automated EHS Management

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Legal Register Software

Legal Register in Health and Safety

Legal register is the style of language used in legal documents related to health and safety. It is characterised by its formality, precision, and objectivity. Legal register is important in health and safety because it ensures that legal documents are clear, concise, and unambiguous.

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