Governance, Risk and Compliance Software (GRC)

The future of compliance software today

Environmental, Health and Safety Software (EHS)

We are the leading provider of customisable EHS software and GRC software compliance solutions. 

Streamline your training, incident reporting, risk assessment, audit and every other aspect of your safety and compliance needs. 


Effective Health and Safety Management

Our cloud-based health and safety software, mobile apps and bolt-on options enable you to manage and track your compliance requirements, conduct audits, and streamline communication with ease. 

Take your health and safety to the next level and build a sustainable safety culture with a modular and flexible approach to compliance management.

Why choose health and safety software from us?

Our Health and Safety software automates management processes, assesses and controls risks.

The customisable features and intuitive interface make our system user-friendly, while reducing administrative burden and enhancing safety.

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Cloud-based, Modular, Integrated & Configurable

Environmental, Health and Safety Software (EHS)

Governance Risk and Compliance Software (GRC)

Trusted internationally in the private and public sector by contractors, start-ups, small to medium sized businesses, corporates, multi-nationals and leading international universities, colleges and schools.

Our EHS and GRC software is modular and enables us to provide a customised solution to meet your health and safety or compliance needs.


Essential compliance

Designed to meet the requirements of smaller organisations and contractors


Lite with added extras

Includes ISO 9001 compliant document and asset management


Enterprise level compliance

Everything you  need in one fully integrated and configurable package

Bolt-on Options

Further customise your compliance needs

We enable all types of organisations manage their regulatory, legal and compliance requirements. Our bolt-on options provide additional capabilities and can be added to any iProtectU solution.

Travel Risk Management

Government travel advice and ISO 31030:2021 compliance. 

International and domestic assessment.