Wellington College host Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and iProtectU development collaboration

iProtectU, a supplier of health, safety, governance, risk, and regulatory compliance software, explains how its collaboration with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Wellington College has enabled its compliance solutions to be further enhanced.

iProtectU, a supplier of health, safety, governance, risk, and regulatory compliance software, explains how its collaboration with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Wellington College has enabled its compliance solutions to be further enhanced.

iProtectU has a well-established position in almost every business sector where it provides Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software to universities, colleges, public sector services and private companies.

In the education sector it has long enjoyed a position as the supplier of choice for universities, colleges and schools in the UK, Europe, China and Asia. The provision of relevant and timely information to users, stakeholders and responsible persons with measurable and auditable results are critical to achieving this success.

The Team

The team met at Wellington College, who have been using every module of the software for several years.

  • Edwin Wai, Group Estates Bursar, Wellington College
  • Ian Stone, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Wellington College
  • Andrew Blackie, Head of Estates, Wellington College
  • Ian Downie, Director of Estates, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Sonja Basaric, Estates Administrator, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • Sally Beck, International Compliance Director, iProtectU

The Education Sector Environment

The education sector is a complex environment, has numerous regulatory needs and a wide range of stakeholders, employees, and service users. The operational environment has a high degree of diversity in terms of the use of our products, the way managers, users and teams collaborate in often dispersed sites and facilities. Other factors such as the challenges presented by research, experimental, hazardous chemicals, and facilities risk management also need to be considered.  The management of governance, risk, and compliance in these functional teams, presents a challenge across all industry sectors.

Collaborative working within the sector provides an opportunity to fully appreciate the application of our software modules in almost every possible way.


The primary objectives of the event were to:

  • Share experiences of using the software, its modules and iOS / Android Apps.
  • Look at recently introduced enhanced configuration options and oversight automated exception reporting.
  • Intelligent systems, future architecture
  • Continual development of improved user experience

Resulting Solution

The team were able to share improvements, review new capability and share future planned development of the product. The ability to do this collaboratively and within the environment where the products are used is invaluable and will accelerate our development lifecycle for these planned enhancements.

“ It was great to meet with Ian Downie and Sonja Basaric from Said Business School to share our experiences using iProtectU and the benefits it brings to the workplace. Ian and Sonja were able to share their experience in building and estates management that will help our teams at Wellington College and we were able to show how an integrated health and safety management system using the interlinked modules on iProtectU such as accident reporting and investigation can be linked to risk assessments and assets. We look forward to a close working relationship with Said Business School going forward.”

The ability for iProtectU software products to continue to deliver risk, safety, environmental, quality and training in a single task-driven and fully integrated solution, relies on the fusion of a deep and tacit knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment, our client’s compliance needs and the appropriate application of software technology to deliver solutions. 

Collaboration at this level drives benefits to users from a visual approach which supports and fosters continuous improvement. 

Managers and privileged users can manage their teams’ safety, governance, risk and compliance needs with simplicity and ease.

“We had a truly enjoyable experience during our visit to Wellington College, where we had the opportunity to exchange insights on best practices, with a particular focus on the crucial aspect of Health and Safety".


Adopting an agile development approach involving the Universities and Colleges health and safety professionals has enabled:

  • the rapid development of solutions that provide organisations with demonstratable compliance, measurable financial and safety performance.
  • minimised the impact of additional work on valuable software development resources.
  • ensured the engagement and acceptance of client stakeholders.
  • capability proving and user requirements to be met in full.
  • significantly reduced overall cost of development and time.

"iProtectU have been working closely with both Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Wellington College since they became users of our software. The opportunity to bring us all together to share best practice, similar experiences and look at new and innovative ways of working, is an invaluable tool to support the development of our products".

From Left to Right: Ian Stone, Edwin Wai, Ian Downie, Sonja Basaric, Sally Beck.

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