Training Unleashed. Maximise the Potential of Your Health and Safety Training Programs 

Effective health and safety training is essential for creating a safe and healthy workplace. However, many organisations struggle to get their employees engaged in training. This can lead to complacency and an increased risk of accidents.

The iProtectU Learning and Development Software and its associated management system includes more than 1000+ training resources covering a wide range of subjects and topics. The system offers eLearning, toolbox talks and more conventional course-based material.  

This software can help organisations to maximise the potential of their health and safety training programs. The software provides several features that can make training more engaging and effective. 

Key Features 

  • IIRSM Approved and Certified. 
  • Extensive range of compliance subjects 
  • Includes core subjects such as DSE, home working, fire, chemicals, GDPR, manual handling, pregnancy and more. 
  • Automated review date reminders. 
  • Learning and Development Centre. 
  • No limits on training resources. 
  • Full records management system. 
  • Schedule training with ease. 
  • Includes event based and classroom training management. 
  • Powerful data analytics with Office 365 and Power BI integration.  


Additional tips for maximising the potential of your health and safety training program: 

  • Make the training relevant to the employees. The training should be relevant to the work that the employees do and the hazards that they face. 
  • Use a variety of learning methods. The training should use a variety of learning methods to keep learners engaged and make the training more memorable. 
  • Make the training interactive. The training should be interactive to help learners actively participate and learn the material. 
  • Provide opportunities for practice. The training should provide opportunities for learners to practice what they have learned. 
  • Evaluate the training. The training should be evaluated to ensure that it is effective and meeting the needs of the organisation. 


By following these tips and using iProtectU EHS software, organisations can maximise the potential of their health and safety training programs and create a safer workplace for everyone. 


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