The Importance of Spill Kits in the Workplace 

Spill kits are imperative for containing and cleaning up spills of hazardous materials in the workplace. They can help to protect workers, the environment, and property from damage.

A spill kit is a collection of materials and equipment, used to contain and clean up a spill. It typically includes absorbent materials, such as sand or paper towels; cleaning supplies, such as soap and water or solvents; and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, goggles, and a respirator. 

Spills of hazardous materials can pose several risks to workers, the environment, and property. They can cause fires, explosions, injuries, and environmental damage. Spill kits can help to mitigate these risks by containing the spill and cleaning it up promptly and safely. 

If a spill occurs, it is important to act fast to contain it and clean it up. The following steps should be followed: 

  • Evacuate the area. If the spill is large or hazardous, it is important to evacuate the area to prevent exposure to the spill. 
  • Notify the appropriate personnel. Once the area has been evacuated, notify the relevant personnel. 
  • Contain the spill. Use absorbent materials, such as sand, kitty litter, or paper towels, to contain the spill. If the spill is large, you may need to use a spill containment boom. 
  • Clean up the spill. Use cleaning supplies, such as soap and water or solvents, to clean up the spill. Wear appropriate PPE, such as gloves, goggles, and a respirator. 
  • Dispose of the waste properly. Once the spill has been cleaned up, the waste must be disposed of properly. You may need to contact a hazardous waste disposal company. 


Here are some additional tips for using a spill kit: 

  • Ensure that the spill kit is properly stocked and that the materials are in good condition. 
  • Train employees on use of the spill kit. 
  • Conduct regular drills to test the spill kit. 
  • Keep the spill kit in a designated area which is easy to access. 
  • Label the spill kit with the contents and the date of the last inspection. 


By following these tips, you can ensure that your workplace is prepared to respond to spills of hazardous materials. 

The iProtectU health and safety software provides: 

  • An inspection and Audit App which allows for safety inspection of the workplace and associated report 
  • eLearning on a wide range of EHS topics  
  • Scheduling functionality for managers to send eLearning, risk assessments and documents out to all staff via the software with tracks completion and compliance 
  • Risk assessment templates covering spillages at work 
  • Management system to document control the policy on clearing up spillages 
  • Method Statement module for the creation of work activity working instructions 
  • Legal register that provides legislation guidance on clearing up spillages 
  • Incident investigation module that tracks incidents involving spills of hazardous substances, both with an app and via desktop 
  • Hazard observation app where staff can report and record any concerns regarding hazardous substances to the organisation 
  • Asset management App ensuring assets are recorded in the software 




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