The Importance of Recording and Reporting Near Misses

A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage, but had the potential to do so. Near misses are often seen as less serious than accidents, but they can provide valuable insights into potential hazards and help to prevent future incidents.

Why we should record and report near misses: 

  • First, near misses can help to identify hazards that may not have been previously known. By analysing near misses, employers can gain a better understanding of the risks in their workplace and take steps to manage them. 
  • Second, near misses can help to prevent accidents. By learning from near misses, employers can identify and fix the underlying causes of potential hazards. This can help to prevent accidents from happening in the future 
  • Third, near misses can help to create a culture of safety in the workplace. When employees feel comfortable reporting near misses, it shows that the employer is committed to safety. This can help to create a culture where everyone is aware of the risks and is working to prevent accidents. 

It is important to define what constitutes a near miss. The definition of a near miss can vary, but it should generally include any unplanned event that had the potential to result in injury, illness, or damage. It is crucial to have a system in place for recording near misses. This system should be user-friendly and should allow employees to report near misses anonymously. Investigation of near misses is important. This investigation should identify the underlying causes of the near miss and make recommendations for corrective action.

The results of near miss investigations should be communicated to employees. This helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the risks in the workplace and is working to prevent accidents. 

By recording and reporting near misses, employers can improve safety in the workplace and prevent accidents from happening. Near misses are a valuable source of information that can help to identify hazards and make the workplace safer. 

Additional benefits of recording and reporting near misses: 

  • Help to identify trends in accidents and injuries. 
  • Help to improve communication between employees and management. 
  • Help to build trust between employees and management. 
  • Help to create a culture of safety in the workplace. 

Employers need to implement a system for recording and reporting near misses in the workplace. It is a simple way to improve safety and prevent accidents.

Tips for encouraging employees to report near misses: 

  • Make it easy! The reporting process should be simple and straightforward. 
  • Create a culture of trust and openness. Employees should feel comfortable reporting near misses without fear of retaliation. 
  • Recognise and reward employees for reporting near misses. This will encourage others to report near misses as well. 


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