The Importance of purchasing Ladders from Reputable Suppliers 

It has come to light that unsafe and potentially dangerous ladders are being sold online after a recent study found that 70% of ladders purchased from popular online retailers failed to meet minimum safety requirements.

Every commercially-available multipurpose ladder that failed the safety tests was advertised as ‘compliant’ with the relevant product standard – e.g. EN 131-4 in Europe – either on the product listing, product packaging or product labelling. 

Ladders are essential tools for reaching high places and performing various tasks, within a wide range of industries. They can also be dangerous if not used properly. In addition, they can be hazardous if purchased from rogue manufacturers and anonymous sellers.  

Buyers are being urged to take extra care when buying ladders online – purchase from reputable suppliers only, do your research, read the reviews and upon receipt, check the ladder itself, along with all instruction manuals and labels. If you suspect the ladder may be unsafe or dangerous don’t use it. 

Key reasons why purchasing ladders from relevant suppliers is essential for safety

Safety Certifications and Expertise 

Relevant suppliers ensure that the ladders they sell are certified by reputable organisations, such as EN 131, which is the European standard for portable ladders. This demonstrates that the ladders have undergone rigorous testing and fulfil the highest safety requirements. 

Commitment to Safety 

Relevant suppliers deal with reputable ladder manufacturers that have a proven track record of quality and safety. These manufacturers prioritise innovation, research, and development, ensuring that their ladders meet the latest safety standards. 

Access to a Wide Range of Options 

Relevant suppliers offer a diverse selection of ladders to cater to a wide range of needs and applications. They carry ladders from different brands, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose the ladder that suits your budget and needs.  

Quality Control and Inspection 

Relevant suppliers conduct thorough inspections of incoming products, scrutinise materials and workmanship, and maintain a strict adherence to manufacturing standards. This commitment ensures that you receive ladders that are durable, reliable, and free from defects. 

Comprehensive Product Knowledge and Expertise 

Relevant suppliers have a keen understanding of the different types of ladders available and their intended applications. Their expertise ensures that you choose the right ladder for the job, enhancing safety and efficiency. 

After-Sales Support 

Relevant suppliers provide comprehensive after-sales support and warranties to provide peace of mind and address any concerns. They use trained technicians to handle repairs and replacements promptly and efficiently. Such warranties demonstrate their confidence in the quality of their products. 

Access to Specialised Ladders 

Relevant suppliers can provide access to specialised ladders designed for specific applications, such as fire rescue ladders, extension ladders with multiple sections, and platform ladders for working on roofs or scaffolding.  

Adherence to Environmental Guidelines 

Reputable suppliers prioritise environmental sustainability and ensure that their ladders are manufactured using recyclable materials and eco-friendly practices. They demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. 

Knowledge of Current Industry Standards and Regulations 

Relevant suppliers stay up to date on the latest industry standards and regulations, ensuring that the ladders they sell comply with all applicable safety requirements.  

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Education 

Relevant suppliers prioritise customer satisfaction and often provide comprehensive training and education on ladder safety. They generally offer guidance on proper ladder selection, usage, maintenance, and storage, ensuring that you understand how to maximise the benefits of your ladder while minimising any risks. 

By choosing ladders from reputable suppliers, you are taking a proactive step to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your business from the risks associated with ladder use.

Working at height can be risky enough, without the additional, unnecessary danger of shoddy ladders.

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