The Importance of First Aid in the Workplace

Accidents happen in the workplace every day, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries. In some cases, these accidents can even be fatal. That is why it’s so important for employers to have a first aid plan in place.

A first aid plan is a set of procedures that outlines how to respond to workplace accidents. It should include information on how to assess the injured person, how to provide first aid, and how to call for emergency assistance if required. 

Employers have a legal obligation to provide first aid to their employees. In most countries, there are specific regulations that outline the requirements for first aid in the workplace. These regulations vary from country to country, so it’s important for employers to check with their local authorities to find out what’s required. 

Benefits to having a first aid plan in the workplace.  

  • First, it can help to reduce the severity of injuries. By providing immediate first aid, employers can help to prevent minor injuries from becoming serious.  
  • Second, a first aid plan can help to save lives. In the event of a serious accident, first aid can help to keep the injured person alive until medical help arrives.  
  • Third, a first aid plan can help to protect employers from legal liability. If an employee is injured at work and the employer does not have a first aid plan in place, the employer may be held liable for the employee’s injuries. 


Things that employers can do to ensure that their first aid plan is effective.  

  • First, they should make sure that the plan is up-to-date and that it meets the requirements of the local regulations.  
  • Second, they should ensure that all employees are trained in first aid.  
  • Third, they should have a well-stocked first aid kit available in the workplace. 


A well-stocked first aid kit is essential for the workplace. The first aid kit should contain all the necessary supplies to treat minor injuries, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. It should also contain information on how to use the supplies in the kit. 

By following these simple steps, employers can help to ensure that their first aid plan is effective and that their employees are safe in the workplace. 

Additional tips for employers on how to ensure that their first aid plan is effective: 

  • Ensure that the first aid kit is in a central location where it is easily accessible. 
  • Train employees on how to use the first aid kit and how to provide basic first aid. 
  • Review the first aid plan regularly and make sure that it is up to date. 
  • Provide employees with opportunities to practice first aid skills. 
  • Encourage employees to report any workplace accidents or incidents. 


The iProtectU health and safety software provides: 

  • An inspection and Audit App which allows for safety inspection of the workplace and associated report 
  • eLearning on a wide range of EHS topics 
  • Scheduling functionality for managers to send eLearning, risk assessments and documents out to all staff via the software with tracks completion and compliance 
  • Risk assessment templates covering first aid  
  • Management system to document control the policy on first aid at work 
  • Method Statement module for the creation of work activity working instructions 
  • Legal register that provides legislation guidance on first aid at work 
  • Incident investigation module that tracks incidents both with an app and via desktop 
  • Hazard observation app where staff can report and record any concerns to the organisation 
  • Asset management App ensuring assets are recorded in the software 



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