The Evolution of Health and Safety Training in the Workplace 

Health and Safety (H&S) training has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, leaving behind its once rudimentary style for a fresh, multi-faceted approach.

The notion of dedicated H&S training in the workplace, though now commonplace, is surprisingly young.

In the early days of industrialisation, employees learned through experience alone, as H&S training was basically non-existent. This often came at the cost of injury or even death, which forced the hand of progress. The rise of labour unions and government regulations in the 20th century paved the way for basic training, usually delivered through static manuals and lectures. The 1802 “Health and Morals of Apprentices Act” aimed to limit child labour and address the unsafe working conditions in Britain’s textile mills. This was also the beginning of government interventions for workplace safety.  

The 1974 “Health and Safety at Work etc. Act” placed the responsibility of ensuring employee safety not solely on employers but also on employees, a landmark which paved the way for comprehensive training programs. It was inevitable that the focus of H&S training would shift from a simple transmission of knowledge to employee engagement and participation. Case studies, audiovisuals, and interactive simulations replaced tedious lectures, serving to boost employees’ retention of knowledge. Training shifted from basic hazard identification to risk assessment, emergency response protocols, mental health awareness and more. 

Technological developments fuelled a further transformation.

Online training platforms were introduced, delivering on-demand e-learning, tailored to individual needs and fitting in around busy schedules. Virtual reality simulations and gamification transported personnel into realistic, immersive scenarios.  

In today’s workplace, the smartphone has become a pocket-sized tutor. The universal device has revamped industries in many ways, and workplace safety is no exception. Instant access to safety policies and procedures, interactive knowledge quizzes and real-time hazard reporting allow employees to be active participants in their own safety. 


iProtectU Limited provides user-friendly, effective and engaging governance, risk, compliance, and safety software. They have recently developed the iCertifyU App, which is a real game changer, offering bite-sized H&S training modules on a wide range of core safety and compliance topics. iCertifyU training is approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). The App is free to use and accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time.  

With this app, students and graduates of any field can enhance their competencies and boost their employment potential. Contractor teams, sole traders and companies of any size can demonstrate H&S compliance, competence and in turn, advance their business. The benefits really are endless – to all industries.  

The iCertifyU course suite includes essential learning such a fire awareness, display screen equipment, hazardous chemicals, manual handling, asbestos awareness, data protection and a range of other topics. Users can simply download the App, complete the training modules of their choice, test their learning and access the downloadable IIRSM approved certificates. The App boasts some of the best security and technology features around.  

H&S training may once have seemed like a routine formality, but its impact is far-reaching.

Attaining safety certification is now easier than ever, due to the birth of H&S training mobile Apps, which has marked a substantial shift, merging crucial knowledge with convenience and accessibility. By prioritising H&S training, through any medium of choice, employers lay the foundation for a successful, sustainable, and truly valuable organisation.  

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