Reportable Incidents at Work – Types and Reporting

Certain serious injuries, industrial diseases and dangerous occurrences are reportable by law. There are also special reporting requirements for gas incidents. Deaths at work are reportable. Suicides are not reportable as they are not the result of a work related incident.

‘Specified Injuries’ can vary, and which ones are reportable depends on local health and safety law. It is up to the Employer or the Self employed to educate themselves on what are the reportable ones. Reportable injuries can include fractures, amputations, permanent loss of sight or reduction, crush injuries, serious burns, hypothermia, admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours. Accidents occurring during medical treatment (under the supervision of a medical practitioner) are not usually reportable.

iProtectU EHS includes integrated Incident Management and Hazard Reporting software and International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) approved Incident Management Training.

Reportable ‘Over Seven Day Injuries’ is where the Worker is away from work for seven consecutive days or more (not including the day of the incident). This time frame depends on local law. Even if the incident is not reportable (due to the worker being off work less than seven days), it is best practice to record what happened in the work place.

Reportable ‘Occupational Diseases’ can include occupational dermatitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, occupational asthma, hand-arm vibration syndrome, any disease as a result of exposure to a biological agent, occupational cancer, occupational asthma and severe cramp of the hand/forearm.

Reportable ‘Dangerous Occurrences’ (accidental ‘near misses’) can include collapse, overturning or failure of load bearing parts, explosions or fires that stop work for more than 24 hours, equipment coming into contact with overhead power lines, accidents with wind turbines, freight containers and accidents with tankers.

Reportable ‘Gas Incidents’ can include accidental leakage of gas and inadequate combustion of gas.

This is not an exhaustible list; each country will also have its own laws and will dictate how incidents are to be reported.  iProtectU Incident management software includes workflow configurations, country level reporting and covers UK, European and International reporting requirements.

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