iProtectU launches internationally compliant Legal Register Module

iProtectU launches Internationally compliant Legal Register Module

It is important to ensure organisations are up-to-date with legislation that impacts on operations, activities and procedures. To support organisations, meet this management requirement iProtectU have developed a full featured Legal Register Module.

What is a legal register?

It is a method that details legislation that an organisation has to be compliant with due to their work activities. The legal register should cover environmental, health and safety and other legislation.

How does iProtectU EHS Legal Register help

The iProtectU Module comes pre configured UK, European  regulations and legislation. and International standards. The module is full of features that enable reports, reviews and the ability to amend and add your own legal requirements. Including contractual requirements.

The module is simple to use and users can create a complete legal register with referenced links to their requirements in minutes.

International Standards

If your organisation is working towards or maintaining the international standard such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 then iProtectU software will support you in meeting your compliance duties. Having a legal register and meeting the compliance standards will support the achievement of ISO certification. A legal register can help ensure organisations can demonstrate compliance to stakeholders and ultimately reduce the risk of legal action and fines with the implementation of required legislation. Meeting compliance will be more effective with the development of a legal register.

Plan, Do, Check, Act, Review cycle

The Plan, Do, Check, Act, Review cycle will be more effective in any organisations that understand and define their legal responsibilities.

iProtectU EHS includes integrated Legal Register and Compliance Management software and International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) approved Legal, GDPR and other Management Training.

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