Health and Safety Management of Pyrotechnics at Events

Pyrotechnics are a popular form of entertainment at events, but they can be dangerous if not handled properly. The health and safety management of pyrotechnics at events is essential to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Key principles of health and safety management of pyrotechnics at events: 

  • Planning and risk assessment. The first step in managing the health and safety of pyrotechnics at events is to plan carefully and conduct a risk assessment. This should identify the potential hazards associated with the use of pyrotechnics, and assess the risks involved with each hazard. 
  • Use of competent personnel. Only competent personnel should be permitted to handle pyrotechnics. This means that they should have the necessary training and experience to use pyrotechnics safely. 
  • Use of appropriate equipment. The equipment used to handle pyrotechnics must be appropriate for the task. This includes the use of protective clothing, such as fire-retardant suits and goggles. 
  • Following procedures. There should be clear procedures for the use of pyrotechnics at events. These procedures should be followed carefully to ensure that the pyrotechnics are used safely. 
  • Monitoring and review. The health and safety of pyrotechnics at events should be monitored and reviewed periodically. This will help to identify any potential hazards or risks and ensure that the necessary control measures are implemented. 


In addition to these general principles, there are several specific health and safety considerations that should be taken into account when using pyrotechnics at events, including: 

  • The location of the event. The event should be held in a safe area, away from buildings and other structures. 
  • The weather conditions. Pyrotechnics should not be used in windy or wet conditions. 
  • The crowd. The crowd should be kept a safe distance away from the pyrotechnics. 


Additional tips for the safe use of pyrotechnics at events: 

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The manufacturer’s instructions will provide important information on how to use the pyrotechnics safely. 
  • Use the correct amount of pyrotechnics. Using too many pyrotechnics can be dangerous. 
  • Store the pyrotechnics properly. Pyrotechnics should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • Dispose of the pyrotechnics as appropriate. Pyrotechnics should be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 


By following these tips, event organisers can help to ensure the safe use of pyrotechnics at events and protect the safety of everyone involved. 

The iProtectU health and safety software provides: 

  • An inspection and Audit App which allows for safety inspection of the workplace and associated report 
  • eLearning on a wide range of EHS topics 
  • Scheduling functionality for managers to send eLearning, risk assessments and documents out to all staff via the software with tracks completion and compliance 
  • Risk assessment templates covering event management 
  • Management system to document control the policy on event management 
  • Method Statement module for the creation of work activity working instructions 
  • Legal register that provides legislation guidance on fire safety at events 
  • Incident investigation module that tracks incidents involving pyrotechnics at events, both with an app and via desktop 
  • Hazard observation app where staff can report and record any concerns regarding pyrotechnics to the organisation 
  • Asset management App ensuring assets are recorded in the software 


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