Hazard Identification in the Workplace 

A safe workplace is crucial for a happy, healthy and productive workforce. However, hiding among familiar routines and routine equipment could be hidden dangers. It is imperative to spot the lurking hazards to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day without injury or illness.

Key guidelines to discovering the ‘unseen’ hazards in the workplace

Think beyond the obvious. Sharp blades and electrical wires are obvious hazards, but it’s important to consider less apparent threats like repetitive strain injuries from display screen equipment or hazardous chemical exposure from cleaning products. 

Look beyond your own workstation. Hazards can reside in common areas like stairwells (damaged flooring), kitchens (fire risks), and even car parks (poor lighting).  

Consult different departments. Ask everyone in the workplace to participate in hazard identification. Workers across diverse roles and departments may have unique insights into hidden dangers, depending on their perspective. 

Analyse near misses. Look at past incidents in the workplace, even if they didn’t lead to actual injuries. These incidents often uncover underlying hazards waiting to cause harm. 

Document, document, document! When you identify a hazard, don’t let it slip through the net. Document it meticulously – information is crucial for implementing effective control measures.  

Use checklists and templates. Tools such as checklists can help you cover all the bases during your hazard identification process.  

The Hazards and Observations Management app by iProtectU EHS Software

This is a powerful tool that helps businesses to identify, assess, and mitigate hazards in their workplace. The app can be used to track the progress of hazard management activities, to assign resources, and to communicate with stakeholders. 

The app can be used to track the progress of hazard management activities, to assign resources, and to communicate with stakeholders. The app also includes several features that help businesses to improve their hazard management practices, such as:  

  • Hazard identification 
  • Hazard assessment 
  • Hazard mitigation 
  • Hazard reporting 
  • Integration with other iProtectU EHS Software products 

Remember, hazard identification is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity

It is important to revisit your workplace hazard identification activity with fresh eyes and encourage employees to report any new or emerging dangers. With the iProtectU Hazards and Observations Management App, we can all become hazard identification heroes, creating a safer and happier work environment for all. 

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