Happy International Women’s Day  

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, it is important to recognise the crucial role women play in ensuring safe workplaces for everyone.

Women in Health and Safety

While traditionally seen as a male-dominated field, the health and safety industry is experiencing a shift, with more and more women stepping into safety roles and bringing diverse perspectives to the workplace. 

The inclusion of women in health and safety is facilitating a more gender-sensitive approach to safety. Women bring unique strengths and experiences to the industry. Their in-depth attention to detail and focus on problem-solving are vital in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards. A woman’s perspective can uncover blind spots, to ensure control measures cater to the needs of the entire workforce. In addition, research shows that teams led by women tend to be more communication-oriented and collaborative, creating a culture of safety awareness and employee participation. 

Female Role Models shine a Powerful Light

On International Women’s Day and every day, let us recognise the invaluable contributions of women, not only as champions of safety, but as high achievers across all walks of life.

By celebrating female role models, supporting women-owned businesses, and raising awareness of gender inequality, we can all contribute to a world where women thrive and empower the next generation to dream big.  

Happy International Women’s Day, from everyone at iProtectU.  

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