Fire Safety Management in School Kitchens 

School kitchens are busy places, and with so much activity going on, there is always a risk of fire. That’s why it’s important to have the right firefighting equipment in place and to follow all fire safety guidelines.

Fire Fighting Equipment 

The following firefighting equipment should be present in all school kitchens: 

  • Fire extinguishers: There should be at least one fire extinguisher in every kitchen, and it should be in a prominent and easily accessible place. The fire extinguisher should be of the correct type for the types of fires that are most likely to occur in the kitchen. 
  • Fire blanket: A fire blanket is a useful tool for extinguishing small fires. It can also be used to protect people from the heat and flames of a fire. 
  • Fire alarm: A fire alarm is essential for warning people of a fire and allowing them to evacuate the building safely. The fire alarm should be tested regularly to ensure that it is working properly. 


The following fire safety guidelines should be followed in all school kitchens 

  • Keep the kitchen clean and tidy: A cluttered kitchen is a fire hazard. Make sure that all surfaces are clean and free of debris. 
  • Store flammable materials safely: Flammable materials, such as cooking oil and grease, should be stored in a safe and secure place away from heat sources. 
  • Be careful when cooking: Never leave cooking food unattended. Always be aware of what is happening on the stove or oven. 
  • Clean cooking equipment regularly: Built-up grease and grime on cooking equipment can be a fire hazard. Make sure to clean your cooking equipment regularly. 
  • Train staff on fire safety: All kitchen staff should be trained on fire safety procedures. This includes how to use fire extinguishers, how to sound the fire alarm, and how to evacuate the building safely. 
  • Keep fire exits clear: Make sure that all fire exits are clear and accessible. Do not store any objects in front of fire exits. 
  • Have a fire drill plan in place: All schools should have a fire drill plan in place. This plan should be practiced regularly so that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire. 
  • Keep firefighting equipment in good condition: Make sure that all firefighting equipment is in good condition and tested regularly. 


Remember, Prevention is Key! 

The best way to prevent a fire in your school kitchen is to follow all safety guidelines and to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. However, if a fire does occur, it is important to have the right firefighting equipment in place and to know how to use it. 

Fire safety is an important consideration for all schools, and kitchens are no exception. By following the guidelines above, schools can help to prevent fires and protect their students and staff. 

The iProtectU health and safety software provides: 

  • An inspection and Audit App which allows for safety inspection of the workplace and associated report 
  • eLearning on a wide range of EHS topics, many covering fire safety 
  • Scheduling functionality for managers to send eLearning, risk assessments and documents out to all staff via the software with tracks completion and compliance 
  • Fire risk assessment templates covering school kitchen hazards and controls 
  • Management system to document control the policy on fire safety management 
  • Method Statement module for the creation of various working instructions 
  • Legal register that provides legislation guidance on fire safety management 
  • Incident investigation module that tracks incidents involving kitchen fire safety, both with an app and via desktop 
  • Hazard observation app where staff can report and record any concerns regarding kitchen fire safety to the organisation 
  • Asset management App ensuring assets are recorded in the software 



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