FREE Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training available via the iCertifyU App. 

iCertifyU is an App which provides FREE Display Screen Equipment training for everyone, whether you are an employee, student, work experience participant, apprentice, agency worker or jobseeker. Download the App from the App store and start the free training today!

Three Easy Steps to Display Screen Equipment Training

  1. Log in and complete the Display Screen Equipment training  
  2. Complete the Display Screen Equipment multichoice exam   
  3. Download your IIRSM Approved Certificate 


On completion of each course, IIRSM (International Institute for Risk and Safety Management) approved certificates are issued automatically, which can be easily downloaded and saved.  

Other examples of the free courses provided via the iCertifyU App

  • Home Working Awareness 
  • Manual Handling 
  • Asbestos Awareness 
  • Safe Use of Ladders in the Workplace 
  • Stress Management 

Display Screen Equipment Guidelines for DSE users

Screen Position: Position the screen directly in front of you, with the top edge slightly below eye level to avoid neck strain. Adjust the tilt and swivel to optimise viewing comfort. 

Keyboard Placement: Place the keyboard directly in front of the screen, with the top edge at elbow height. Avoid excessive wrist extension or flexion. 

Mouse Placement: Position the mouse within easy reach, allowing for a straight wrist posture. Use a wrist rest for additional support. 

Chair Adjustment: Choose a chair that provides adequate lumbar support and adjust the seat height to maintain a comfortable posture. Keep feet flat on the floor or a footrest. 

Sit Upright: Maintain an upright posture with a straight back and avoid slouching or hunching over the screen. 

Take regular Breaks: Take regular breaks from prolonged DSE use to stretch, move around, and relax your eyes. 

Vary Tasks: Alternate between DSE tasks and non-DSE activities to reduce strain and prevent fatigue. 

Screen Brightness and Contrast: Adjust the screen brightness and contrast to a comfortable level that minimises glare and eye strain. Schedule regular eye tests. 

Proper Lighting: Ensure adequate ambient lighting without excessive glare or reflections on the screen. Consider using natural light whenever possible.  

Room Temperature: Maintain a comfortable room temperature to avoid overheating or excessive cooling, which can affect concentration and comfort. 

Ventilation: Ensure adequate ventilation to prevent stuffiness and maintain a healthy working environment. 

Noise Reduction: Minimise background noise to reduce distractions and promote focus. 

By following these guidelines, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of DSE-related health issues and promote a more comfortable and productive work environment. 

Development of the iCertifyU App

Oliver De Maria (Project Coordinator) and Erin Beck (Project Coordinator) 

The App is free, developed by Oliver De Maria (Project Coordinator) and Erin Beck (Project Coordinator) whilst working with the iProtectU IT Developers. Both Erin and Oliver wanted to increase health, safety and wellbeing awareness in the workplace and made it their mission to develop a free, easy-to-use product, available to all.  

Visit for more information. 

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