Display Screen Assessment – Embracing Technology 

If workers use display screen equipment (DSE) daily, as part of their normal work, continuously for an hour or more, employers should carry out a DSE assessment.

Where there are risks, the employer must take steps to reduce them.

Employers should look at: 

  • the entire workstation, including equipment, furniture, and work conditions 
  • the job being completed 
  • any special requirements, for example a user with a disability 


While traditional paper based DSE assessment methods can be effective, they often lack the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability required for modern workplaces. This is where technology steps in, offering a transformative approach to DSE management.  

The easiest, hassle-free way for your organisation to become DSE compliant is by using DSE software.

Some of the benefits of investing in DSE software, are outlined below. 

  • Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Compliance 
  • Customised Assessments and Personalised Recommendations 
  • Enhanced Reporting and Data-Driven Insights 
  • Improving Employee Well-being and Productivity 

iProtectU DSE Assessment Software

iProtectU Display Screen Equipment Software offers a cost-effective approach, ensures legal compliance, supports safety leadership and significantly reduces costs. 

The iProtectU Display Screen Equipment Software helps employers to comply with regulations by ensuring safe and ergonomic computer workstations for their employees. It includes a comprehensive ergonomic assessment, step-by-step instructions for improvements, and monitoring tools for employers to track progress. The software enhances workstation safety and ergonomics for employees and ensures DSE compliance. The software includes the following key features: 

  • Easily completable DSE assessments, using email links. 
  • Ability for managers to close issues. 
  • Certified IIRSM DSE awareness training. 
  • Ability for managers to schedule DSE assessments and training. 
  • Ability for managers to assign actions with automated closure. 
  • PDF document creation, which include images. 
  • Automated review reminders. 
  • Automated email notifications and reminders 
  • DSE Self-Assessment or assessor options. 
  • Privilege controls for DSE management. 

When should DSE Assessments be completed?

  • When a new workstation is set up 
  • When a new user starts in the workplace 
  • When a change is made to an existing workstation or the way it is used 
  • When users complain of pain or discomfort  


Integrating technology into DSE management is not simply a compliance requirement; it is a strategic investment in employee health, well-being, and productivity. By embracing the power of software and automation, organisations can foster a safer work environment, with a healthier and more engaged workforce.  

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