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Vero Technologies, design, manufacture, and supply prototyping products and electronic enclosures for the electronics industry and distribute worldwide and have been a user of iProtectU software for many years. 

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From Left to Right: Sally Beck, Erin Beck, Oliver De Maria, John Morton.

On Tuesday 25th July, students Erin Beck and Oliver De Maria joined our Compliance Director Sally on a visit to Vero Technologies as part of their work experience with the iProtectU Health and Safety, and Development teams. 

Here is what they had to say about the visit and their experiences. 

The trainees were introduced to Ashley Clifft, Production Assistant, who was their mentor for the visit. After a health and safety induction and issue of personal protective equipment they began the day by a tour of the site. During the tour they used two of the iProtectU Apps. 

The observation app was easy to understand and simple to use

"Vero Technologies provide electronics for the defence, aerospace and electronics sector and their facilities are impressive. We experienced how the company was using the iProtectU technology. We had already downloaded the iProtectU Observation Hazard App from the App store and logged potential hazards into the software. Reporting observations on the app by logging the location, pictures and description of any hazards we found with the guidance of the production supervisor.

Our observations report would be instantly converted into a pdf with actions in the software. The observation app was easy to understand and simple to use and was easy to see why Vero Technologies has been such a long term user of the software"

Oliver's work experience testimonial from at Wellington College

The tour continued into the production area where equipment and other assets were manufacturing complex electronics, for Vero Technologies customers internationally.

The trainees were provided with access to the iProtectU Audit Application to inspect assets and equipment in the production area and stores. They conducted audits of eye washing equipment, ladders and other work equipment. 

Erin's work experience testimonial from at Wellington College

Ensuring the safety of Vero Technologies employees

"We began conducting an audit by scanning a QR code on the equipment, this instantly logged the serial number and identified the items we were auditing. The audit app then prompted us to complete a unique inspection questionnaire for each item, allowing us to upload images for each question when necessary.

We used our phones to complete the work and then were able to view results instantly on the desktop computers in the office. These apps were impressive and provided Vero Technologies with the ability to track assets, comply with legislative requirements and ensure the safety of their employees."

The trainees also experienced the work being undertaken in the offices, how compliance was being tracked using the management reporting software. The trainees were also invited to attend a management review health and safety meeting. This was chaired by Managing Director John Morton and the health and safety adviser. The meeting provided a deep insight into workplace meetings, legislation and processes required to manage technology design and manufacturing. 


Vero Technologies rely on iProtectU for their ISO certifications & regulatory compliance

iProtectU GRC software has been managing our ISO certifications, regulatory compliance, risk and safety for many years. It was a pleasure to host Erin and Oliver at our facilities and provide them with an opportunity to see how the software supports us in providing a safe working environment for all.

"This experience has not only deepened our understanding of safety in the workplace but has also sparked interest in the world of technology and its management."

In conclusion

In conclusion, the work experience our trainees received at Vero Technologies was both informative and enjoyable. 

Throughout the day, they gained valuable insights into the importance of health and safety practices in a technology company. 

Using the observation and audit apps allowed them to actively contribute to recording observations which were then actioned.

iProtectU, Erin and Oliver are very grateful to the team at Vero Technologies, including Tracy Balwin, Ashley Clifft, and John Morton for their guidance and for providing us with this incredible opportunity. 

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