Food safety in the workplace 

Although tasty, food can be a vessel to many bacterial diseases such as salmonella and campylobacter.

Although tasty, food can be a vessel to many bacterial diseases such as salmonella and campylobacter. It is very important to be cautious around foods and ensure they are always cooked, prepared, and seasoned well! By ensuring employees in the workplace are properly trained around food safety, you may save a life.  

Remember to do the following if you supply food: 

  • make sure food is safe to eat 
  • make sure you don’t add, remove or treat food in a way that makes it harmful to eat 
  • make sure the food is the same quality that you say it is 
  • make sure you don’t mislead people by the way food is labelled, advertised or marketed 
  • keep records on where you got food from and show this information on demand – known as ‘traceability’  
  • withdraw unsafe food and complete an incident report 
  • tell people why food has been withdrawn or recalled, for example by using a leaflet or poster 
  • display your food hygiene rating (if you sell food direct to the public) 

Here are some tips to ensure that you minimise the risk of contracting a bacterial disease from your food: 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soap and water 
  • Avoid cross contamination of meats 
  • Use a food thermometer to ensure it is cooked at a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria 
  • Store food at safe temperatures 
  • Follow expiration and use by dates 
  • Use clean cutting boards and utensils and sterilise them after each use 

iProtectU provides food inspection forms and allows a user to create, edit and document a risk assessment covering food safety.

iProtectU brings together the key resources and knowledge of three companies specialising in EHS software development, health and safety, business intelligence and data analytics. 

Our vision is to provide fully integrated, cost effective and simple to use health and safety software tools that enable our clients to engage their entire team. 

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