COVID-19 Management

Our COVID-19 Management software receives frequent updates to ensure optimal performance and to provide users with new and improved features.

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COVID-19 Management

These updates are designed to improve overall user experience by adding new functionalities and addressing any existing issues or bugs.

COVID support and return to work training

OVID is harshly impacting every aspect of our lives: mental health, relationships, physical wellness, and family. In collaboration with our partners Workright, We’ve put together an amazing 12-course package of courses to help you through these next few months. To find out more about iProtectu Training please visit our training pages.

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COVID Gateway and rapid antigen testing provide a holistic approach for employers

COVID Gateway Response is integrated into the already proven iProtectu health and safety management system. Complimented by management dashboards, coronavirus and hygiene video awareness training and risk assessment it is already enabling employers to bring their employees safely back into the workplace. With new technologies in rapid antigen testing this is further enhanced and enables a more holistic approach to COVID management for employers.

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