It is also a fabulous place to visit, The Library of Trinity College is a legal deposit library for Ireland and Great Britain, containing around 7 million printed volumes and significant quantities of manuscripts, including the Book of Kells, which arrived at the college in 1661 for safekeeping after the Cromwellian raids on religious institutions.  

We have been working closely with Trinity since winning a competition to provide the University with training and safety management software. This visit enabled us to meet with the health and safety team led by Dr Katharine Murray Head of Safety and Safety ManagementTrinity College. We also had the opportunity to present the wider features of iProtectU EHS software and participate in an interactive workshop with academic and non academic staff with a responsibility for safety across the campus.

To learn more about Trinity College and what it has to offer please visit their website

The collection housed in the Long Room includes a rare copy of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic and a 15th-century wooden harp, which is the model for the current emblem of Ireland.

The library receives more than 500,000 visitors per year and iProtectU Managing Director Wayne Beck was lucky enough to be amongst them.

Wayne Beck Managing Director at iProtectU visited Trinity College  to gain a valuable insight into how our compliance software is being used at the Universities facilities in Dublin, Ireland.

 “We have been working closely with the Trinity College Safety Team to enhance a number of the features in the software. Collaborative engagement with of our clients is essential to delivering a world class user experience, fully integrated tools, control, and relevance of information.  Our partnerships with leading Universities such as Trinity College accelerates our innovation and enables us to deliver solutions that exceed our clients expectations.” … states Wayne Beck at iProtectU.

iProtectU provides a comprehensive range of  fully integrated modules to manage every aspect of regulatory and legal compliance.  opportunities to meet with our clients enables us to provide innovative solutions. iProtectU EHS a leader in its in field, boosts fully customisable workflows and a very effective user interface which provides clarity of information to its users.